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Flavour Notes:

Blonde Chicken – Flat leaf parsley and thyme infused roast chicken flavour bone broth with apple cider vinegar.


Thai Broth - Our blonde chicken recipe with lemon grass, ginger, chilli and a little light coconut milk.


Beef Tea - A rich, complex and peppery beef bone broth crafted with +28 dry aged shin meat and rib bones sourced from cattle reared outdoors, and grass fed for life in the British Isles.  The flavour is further deepened with caramelised onion, portobello mushrooms, red wine vinegar, tarragon and chervil.


Like fine wine and cheese, meat also benefits from an ageing process which enables a transformation in flavour compounds and intensifies the meatiness, giving a unique, complex, rich and nutty flavour profile to the beef.


Our bone broth has the versatility to work as a highly nutritious hot drink any time of day or when used in cooking almost any cuisine or dish.


About Bone Broth – Rejuvenate and aid your body from the inside out with this nutritionally dense daily intake, consumed as a hot drink alternative or used in cooking, bone broth will help you meet the demands of modern life.


Provenance – Our chicken is only ever sourced directly from British farms which allow their animals total freedom roam outside, are grass fed and live for a minimum 71 days. The farms do not use any antibiotics or hormones.


Our beef is Pasture for Life Association certified.


Packaging – Glass bottles


About Spring - We are ruthless in our pursuit of flavour and nutrition, unbound by tradition and inspired by the creativity and precision of the world’s latest generation of pioneering chefs.

BONE BROTH - 6 Litre Pack: 6 x 1000ml - Various Flavour Combinations, Starting:

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  • Ingredients

    Blonde Chicken: Chicken (~42.5%) meat & bones, carrot, onion, button mushrooms, leek, garlic, thyme, parsley, black peppercorns, bay leaf, apple cider vinegar, water


    Thai Broth: Chicken (~43.2%) meat & bones, carrot, onion, button mushrooms, leek, garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaf, apple cider vinegar, lemon grass, ginger, chilli, water. Coconut Milk (3%) – organic coconut milk, organic rice, sea salt


    Beef Tea: Beef bones & meat (~35%), carrot, onion, portabello mushroom, leek, chervil, tarragon, red wine vinegar, ground black pepper, bay leaf, water



    We do not use any of the 14 allergens recongised by the Food Standards Agency.



    Heat contents to 86℃ or until steam rises, do not boil, add salt & pepper to taste



    Store refrigerated, use within 10 days of opening. Do not freeze in glass bottle


    Shelf Life

    Please see bottle cap. Minimum 50 days at point of delivery, can be up to 80 days

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